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Panda Hydrogen Presentation

Mantova, Teatro Bibiena, 23.10.2006

Galleria Immagini




Presentation of Panda Hydrogen and the new Lombardia Region ZR exhibition  during the national Conference ECOSISTEMA URBANO 2007 at Teatro Bibiena in Mantova (23 Oct 2006). 

The Regione Lombardia Counsillor, Dr. Pagnoncelli, the Mayor of  Mantova Town Hall (MTH), Mrs. Fiorenza Brioni, the MTH Responsible for the Sustainable Development sector, Mr. Carlo Saletta, the MTH responsible of the Project, Dr. Ildebrando Volpi, many Zero Regio Italian representative of the partners, other local and national authorities take part in the event, many of them being carried by Panda Hydrogen. Three local (two from Mantova one from Cremona) and one regional TVs are present, together with local newspaper journalists